Community Cats Book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How It All Began

Chapter 2: First Weeks

Chapter 3: Freedom

Chapter 4: Rats!

Chapter 5: Christmas and the Polar Vortex

Chapter 6: Eloise

Chapter 7: The Neighbors

Chapter 8: Our Indoor Cat, Sarina

Chapter 9: The Garage Kitties

Chapter 10: A Visit to Tree House and How TNR Came to Chicago

Chapter 11: Smoky

Chapter 12: Duke

Chapter 13: Liz: A Study in Passion

Chapter 14: Yvette: Changing Whole Neighborhoods

Chapter 15: Tabitha and Dundee Boy

Chapter 16: Out on the Streets with Erica

Chapter 17: Liz and National Spay Day

Chapter 18: Jennie and the Neighborhood Cats

Chapter 19: Stigma, Silence, and Katie

Chapter 20: Howard and Cats Actually at Work

Chapter 21: Virginia and the Office Cats

Chapter 22: Dean: The Reluctant Caregiver

Chapter 23: Cats in the 47th Ward

Chapter 24: Sylvester and Tweety: Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Chapter 25: Predominant Attitudes in the United States about Stray Cats, TNR, and Spaying or Neutering

Chapter 26: Becky Robinson and Alley Cat Allies

Chapter 27: Springtime and Summer in Chicago


Appendix A: Cat Survey

Appendix B: Calculation Methods