Community Cats Book

5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon A Must-Read for Cat Lovers! 
September 23, 2014 By E. Kirch

  Ms. Beall writes an absolutely delightful account of her experience with (and subsequent study of) the caretaking of feral cats. While we all have encountered a stray or feral cat in the outside during our lives, we rarely think about the existence of feral cat colonies, how they live, and how humans can help them. The book describes the trap-neuter-release method of working with feral cat colonies to leverage their natural instincts for much needed rodent control, and respect their"upbringing" (not socialized with humans) in the outside world. The author does a wonderful job of describing and honoring the dedication and personalities of several colony caretakers. We get to know them and appreciate their drive to perform daily work at their own expense to care for these cats. She also gives dignity to the many cats (and one special dog!) with descriptions of their behaviors, habits, appearances, and the names they are given along the way.

One chapter is devoted to the results of the hefty research her market research company conducted on the view point of the U.S. population on cats. You will love this chapter if you are a statistics enthusiast, and it does a thorough job of empirically proving that TNR preservation of cat colonies are supported (vs. trap and euthanize). Nevertheless, I felt that the author's simple and thoughtful descriptions of this largely unknown world are proof enough to anyone that this is a cause worthy of our attention and energy.

Ms. Beall creates an absorbing, can't-put-down tempo with her writing on the subject matter. The icing on the cake are the pictures of some of these wonderful cats included in the book. I am recommending this book to my cat lover's group. I only wish that my own indoor kitties, Bailey and Cooper, could read it too!

  5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon Thoughtful and inspiring October 31, 2014 on AMAZON By marguerite A fascinating and informative study on feral cats and the success of TNR (trap,neuter, release) programs. This book delivers valuable information while unexpectedly pulling at your heartstrings. The author's personal journey into the world of feral cats and TNR projects is engaging and inspiring. A must read for urban dwellers with rat problems and animal lovers of any kind.

5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon Community Cats - Outstanding Book By Rea H Moody on October 2, 2014 This is an outstanding book on a subject that needs more attention, All pet lovers will appreciate what Dr. Beall with the help of TNR and others have done to save Feral Cats. The book is written with professional research and with plenty of emotion. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in saving cats.

Great Book! D.F. Lukawski (October 30,2014).  Without a doubt, Anne Beall’s book: Community Cats: A journal into the world of feral cats, is outstanding.  Cat lovers will find her book interesting and thought provoking on the love and care of cats.  Beall’s book is a pure prescription for all you need to know about feral cats.  I guarantee you will do all you can, for as many as you can, for as long as you can after reading this book.